«Washington presses». Where else possible «Church square»

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Altmosphere in fotobanka-Pechersk Lavra. Archival photo«Washington presses». Where else possible «Church square»© RIA Novosti / Alexander Altmosphere the image Bank

Commenting on the situation around the Ukrainian churches, the Western media predict world Orthodoxy «the catastrophe of the Millennium». And in local churches warn about the «parade of autocephaly», which will provoke actions of Constantinople in Ukraine. About hot spots of world Orthodoxy — in the material RIA Novosti.

«Cynical move»

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, 1992: armed with rods and batons, the nationalists, shouting «beat the Muscovites!» rush to the pious old women and skinny novices in cassocks. For believers to stand up OMON fighters. Dozens of wounded and miraculously — no one died. But the General forces of Orthodox Holy sites still managed to defend.

Village of Bird, 2015: the soldiers of «Right sector»* throw «Molotov cocktails» in the parishioners of the Dormition Church. Ukrainian police stand by watching. Several of the victims. In the end, the parishioners locked themselves in the temple and a few months of he did not go.

The consequences of the earthquake described in the Russian Orthodox Church at the beginning of September. «The present situation, when Constantinople so absolutely brazen and cynical way interfere in the Affairs of another local Church, not only starts the dialogue to a standstill, but also threatened to split the Ecumenical Orthodoxy. If Constantinople will complete his evil plan, it would mean that the autocephaly will get some kind of splinter group. The canonical autocephaly of the Church that will not accept. We in the Russian Church, of course, this autocephaly is not recognized. And we will have no choice but to break off communication with Constantinople,» warned the head of the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Hilarion.

According to the Russian Orthodox Church diptych — list of the local Orthodox churches — the «family» of the Orthodox churches in the world has 15 members. They all follow the same creed. Each of them has its own area of responsibility — the «canonical territory.» All local churches are in «communion», meaning the opportunity together to worship and «connecting in Christ» in the General communion. The head of all this is a multi-Church, according to Orthodox doctrine, is Christ.

In practice, this means that any parishioner, for example, the Polish Church has the right to take communion or be baptized in any Church or the Romanian Church in Jerusalem. But to proceed to the ordinances in the temple, for example, the «Kievan Patriarchate» of him anymore — this structure is recognized by all local churches is illegitimate or, in the language of the Church, a schismatic. If someone violates this order, then he automatically becomes a schismatic.

Unfortunately, splits haunt the Orthodox Church throughout its history. And the current situation in Ukraine, when one Church had invaded the territory of another, threatens to aggravate the situation in a number of points on the map of Orthodoxy.

«Something similar to the situation in Ukraine will take place not only in Macedonia, but also Montenegro, Abkhazia — wherever there are the prerequisites for this. Even, perhaps, in Greece,» warns the Bishop of Metropolitan Irinej (Bulovic) of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

This summer the Macedonian authorities asked Constantinople to intervene. Just exactly how did Poroshenko two months earlier. Patriarch Bartholomew has repeatedly stated that neither the Serbian nor the Bulgarian Church have no rights in Macedonia. «The mother Church of all the peoples of the Balkans — Constantinople. About it tells the true story,» he says. However, this idea was broadcast and his predecessors at Constantinople the Department.

According to his logic, under the omophorion (item vestments of the Bishop, symbolizing his protection over the flock) and falls within the unrecognized, the Montenegrin Church that broke away in 1993 from the Serbian on the wave of ethnic conflicts in the Balkans. Incidentally, this structure recognizes that appears in similar conditions «Kiev Patriarchate». What unites them is the fact that in Montenegro, as in Ukraine, most of the believers remained faithful to the canonical Church.

But the Orthodox self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo, it seems, will test his faith to the test. There also are discussing the creation of an «independent Church in an independent state». And the hands of Albanian nationalists. Believers of the canonical Serbian Church are afraid that they will soon start to take away their temples.

«The Kosovo Albanian leadership, campaigning for the entry into UNESCO, attempts to take over the monasteries and churches of the Serbian Orthodox Church and give them their own cultural and historical heritage. In addition, the Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo is constantly faced with the problem of illegal use or outright seizure of its property by the Albanian community,» says a resident of Kosovska Mitrovica, Marko Jaksic.

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Novokomsomolskaya Mitrovica. Archival photo.«Washington presses». Where else possible «Church square»© RIA Novosti / Sergey Novokomsomolskaya Mitrovica. Archival photo.

«Appetite comes during a meal. And who knows, maybe Patriarch Bartholomew in the case of success with Ukraine, wants to intervene in Kosovo» — allows, in turn parsley.

At the Russian border

The events in Ukraine can run dangerous processes throughout the Orthodox world, believe in the Russian Orthodox Church. The fact that the appearance of «independence of the Church» in Ukraine, I wish the dissenters, and they went to meet Patriarch Bartholomew. Legitimate Ukrainian Orthodox Church about any of autocephaly did not ask anyone.

«Washington presses». Where else possible «Church square»© RIA Novosti / Sergey Pathiterator in Photobacterium framed Bartholomew: inside Constantinople coming split»We are facing the threat of a precedent of the legalization of splits to bypass the canons of the Church. And theoretically not only in those regions that were called, — any split that occurs in any Church, can count on support from the outside. In fact, we are dealing with an attempt to destroy the canonical traditions of Orthodoxy, by which it existed as a whole for millennia,» he told RIA Novosti Secretary for inter-Orthodox relations of the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate Archpriest Igor Yakimchuk.

Dangerous precedent already want to use in some of the unrecognized Church structures. For example, in Abkhazia, whose priests belong to the Georgian Orthodox Church. «The Russian Church, despite requests, out of respect for the Georgian Church did not intervene in this issue and to establish its jurisdiction in Abkhazia», — recalls Vladislav parsley.

© RIA Novosti / Irina to Kalediniai in photobackgrounds monastery in New Athos«Washington presses». Where else possible «Church square»© RIA Novosti / Irina to Kalediniai in photobackgrounds monastery in New Athos

One of the illegitimate Church structures in this country — the Sacred metropolis of Abkhazia (SMA) is repeatedly asked Patriarch Bartholomew to intervene in the situation. And not the fact that after Ukraine he will not do.

«The Ecumenical Patriarchate is well aware of the situation in Abkhazia, what problems we have and what we want. I think that resolved the existing in the Orthodox world problems will be the basis. First in Ukraine, then in Macedonia and then resolved the issue of Abkhazia», — told RIA Novosti the head of the AGR Archimandrite Dorofei (Dbar). By the way, once he was a priest of the Russian Orthodox Church, but in 2012 it was banned in the Ministry.

Without rules

Experts also admit that «the wave of schisms» may be up to Romania and Greece. In them, according to Vladislav parsley, fairly active «old Calendarists». In the beginning of XX century they did not accept the decision of the Greek and Romanian churches to switch from the Julian calendar to the revised Julian (close to the Gregorian) calendar.

«Washington presses». Where else possible «Church square»© AFP 2018 / Yuri CortezУкраина knows who will give her «independence Church». And it’s not Constantinopolitani admit that the Ukrainian scenario will be implemented not only in Europe but in the middle East. For example, in the Lebanese press can meet the assumption that the Orthodox of Lebanon separated from the Antiochian Orthodox Church (centered in Damascus Syrian) and create its structure.

Now arose the theme of Ukrainian autocephaly for many local churches is «a signal of threat,» says the historian-orientalist Mikhail Yakushev.

«Now for the first time raised the issue of granting autocephaly to the dissenters, which none of the local churches did not recognize, including Bartholomew. He most likely did it under pressure from the Americans, behind the back and actually manipulating the Patriarch of Constantinople,» he says.

«Washington presses». Where else possible «Church square»CC BY-SA 4.0 / administration of the President of Ukraine Alekseev: Kiev surprised when clearer plans of Patriarch Bartholomew on Optichoice with the Ukrainian Church threat that completely changes the «game rules» between the local churches. In the ROC explain why it is further divide believers.

«The key to successful opposition to the schisms still served pan-Orthodox solidarity: the schismatics never received the support either in one of the local Church, which induced them eventually to look for ways to return to canonical field,» — emphasizes Igor Yakimchuk.

Now, if any of the local churches want to recognize the «independence Church» in Ukraine and thereby to realize the dream of Raskolnikov, where is the guarantee that Constantinople will not invade and then on its territory? And yet the reaction of members of the «Orthodox family» indicates that the common phrase «for me has not yet come» — not exactly about them.

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*The extremist movement forbidden in Russia.