All apartments of the burning of the building in Tomsk suffered fire and water

© RIA Novosti / barbarian Gertaera in fotobanka calculation. Archival photoAll apartments of the burning of the building in Tomsk suffered fire and water© RIA Novosti / barbarian Gertaera the image Bank

All 122 apartments five-storey residential building in Tomsk, where on the night of Friday there was a big fire, in varying degrees, suffered from fire and water, said Friday the city administration.

According GUMCHS, 18.02 (14.02 MSK) received a message about the fire in a five-story apartment building on ulitsa Vavilova. The fire started in one of the apartments on the third floor and the balcony spread to the attic fifth floor. The dead and injured there. According to some reports, firefighters rescued 60 people, 160 residents were evacuated, some of them placed in the hotel of Akademgorodok.

«The fire in the first entrance of the burned one bedroom apartment on the third floor, the balconies of the apartments of 3-5 storeys. Also the fire damaged the outside walls of the attic floor, roof boarding, there was a partial collapse of the roof. Apartments in the building suffered water damage. The total fire area — 680 square meters», — stated in the message.

In city hall said that when fire and its extinguishing affected all 122 apartments houses, which are home to 287.

«There were evacuated 220 people. Warming and possible evacuation to temporary shelters arrived on the scene the bus. The city was ready to expand the temporary accommodation on the basis of Academicia, but after interviewing residents, it was decided to place the needy in the hotel of Akademgorodok. Took advantage of 14 patients (nine families)», — told in city administration.

Authorities said that the mayor of Tomsk Ivan Klein took under personal control issues of providing assistance to residents, whose apartments were damaged by fire. On Friday he will meet with the relevant Vice, which will be determined measures to support the residents. Also meeting the head of the district with the fire victims to address all the necessary questions.

Tomich asked to help collect items for the victims of the fire. Accept any clothes and shoes for children and adults, as well as bedding, personal hygiene products. As previously reported, also opened a special account to assist the fire victims.