Attorney French songwriter again sue Kirkorov

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The Moscow city court partially reversed the dismissal of the French songwriter Gilbert, Sinoue, asking to recover 15.5 million rubles with the Russian singer Philipp Kirkorov over alleged plagiarism of the song was performed by singer Dalida, the lawyer intends to submit to the court a new claim, told RIA Novosti the representative of Sinoe Igor Trunov.

«The Moscow city court partially quashed the decision of the court that the claim was denied. In fact, the proceedings launched in the second circle,» he said.

The lawyer explained that in the first instance considered two versions of a possible treatment, Sinoe songs, with Arabic and French languages, in the song «Silk thread», which performed Kirkorov. «Regarding the Arabic version, the court the court’s decision upheld, and in parts of French — ruled out. Now we will file a new lawsuit related to the overhaul of the French text,» explained Trunov.

According to representatives of the claimant, the book violated the copyright of Sinoe, performing a cover version of the Arabic version of his 1977 song «Io t amero» — «Helwa ya Baladi» called «silk road». The plaintiff did not give consent to the processing and translation of songs in Russian language, but the singer included the song in the translation of Andrey Mosin in the album «Oh, mom, chic ladies!». The directory track has been transferred from the copyright holder Rolf Budde Musikverlag GmbH, «the First musical publishing house», but, according to the applicants, it does not give the right to execute or to change the composition.

The representative of «Russian authors ‘society» (RAO), was on the side of the defendant. In court, the lawyer noted that musical works are completely different, because the translation or processing of the song as an independent composition, and therefore the claim should be rejected. According to her, the crush was in the «RW» as the cover version that is subject to the conditions of the publishing house.

The first French composer who tried to sue Kirkorov, was Didier Marouani that in 2016, filed a court action for the collection of 75 million rubles for copyright infringement over the song «Cruel love». Marouani claimed that the song is refining his song «Symphonic Space Dream». However, the court did not accept the claim for consideration because of a violation of the rules of jurisdiction.

At the end of November 2016 Marouani and his lawyer Trunov was arrested in one of the offices of Sberbank in the centre of Moscow from-for Kirkorov’s statements on the extortion of 1 million euros. Later the composer and the lawyer was released, and the case of extortion has not been initiated yet.