Clinton played a role in the American sitcom

© CBS (2018)scene from the TV series Murphy brownClinton played a role in the American sitcom© CBS (2018)

Hillary Clinton played the role of his counterpart in one of the new episodes of American Comedy series «Murphy brown,» according to weekly Variety.

Scenario Clinton comes on TV to the main character Murphy brown to get a job as a Secretary. The woman, who outwardly is a complete copy of the famous policy that even appears to be the name of Hillary Clinton. She explained to the startled employer that it is often confused with the former Secretary of state, but her name is spelled with one letter «l» (in English, spelled as Hillary Clinton).

During the interview, the employer discovers that the applicant «for four years worked as a Secretary in a very large organization» and «definitely has experience with email». The results of the interview, Murphy tells Hilary that she, in her opinion, «too competent».

The weekly adds that this fall, Hillary Clinton will play in another television show on CBS. It will appear in the fifth season of «Madam Secretary».

American television series «Murphy brown» aired on CBS from 1988 to 1998. In total, it was removed ten seasons, which often there were such famous personalities as singer Aretha Franklin and politician Dan Quayle, who served as Vice President of the United States under President George H. W. Bush. The new, 11th season kicked off on September 27.

Clinton as Secretary of state in 2009-2013 led official correspondence via personal email server. The FBI in 2015-2016 conducted in connection with this investigation for possible leaks of classified information. After the inspection, the FBI has not found in actions of the Clinton crime. News about pausing, resuming and re-suspension of the investigation against Clinton had a big impact on Clinton’s popularity ahead of presidential elections in 2016, which the former Secretary of state lost to Donald Trump.