In Moldova, Andrian CANDU said the possibility of abolishing the post of President in the country

© Sputnik / Miroslav to Waterpalace in fotoreceptor of the Moldovan Parliament Andrian CANDU, archival photoIn Moldova, Andrian CANDU said the possibility of abolishing the post of President in the country© Sputnik / Miroslav to Retirerait the image Bank

The Chairman of the Parliament Andrian CANDU, who several times served as interim head of Moldova, believes that it is necessary to consider the final transition to a parliamentary form of government and abolishing the post of President.

«Perhaps the next Parliament will vote for the further limitation of the functions of the President. Perhaps we should hold a constitutional reform on the final transition to a parliamentary form of government,» said the candidate Thursday on air of TV channel Moldova 1.

According to him, the role of first violin in the country plays the Prime Minister, not the President.

«If the Parliament and the government can cope without a President, and I’m not talking separately about Igor Dodon, if we have a parliamentary Republic, and if the President does not understand that it needs to maintain a balance between the institutions of power, my question is: why spend money on the administration of the President?» added CANDU.

The speaker noted that the situation with the temporary removal of the President may again be repeated, because the consideration of the Parliament the bills that the socialist leader may not approve.

The constitutional court of Moldova on Monday temporarily suspended the powers of the President Igor Dodon because of his refusal to appoint two Ministers. As acting head of state, documents of appointment signed by the candidate.

Dodon three were suspended from duties and two times it was due to the refusal to approve the nominations of Ministers — in October 2017 and January 2018, when he twice rejected the candidates proposed by the government under the leadership of Philip. Decrees appointing new Ministers were signed by the speaker of Parliament Andrian CANDU.

The opposition Moldovan President with the parliamentary majority and the government continues for more than one year. The main subject of controversy remains the country’s foreign policy: the President insists on rapprochement with Russia, while the parliamentary majority and appointed by the government leaning towards the West. Dodon is blocking initiative of Pro-European authorities, and the President’s proposals do not find support among the deputies.