In the Murmansk Nickel appeared alley of friendship

© RIA Novosti / Pavel to Lovparade fotoracconti Peninsula in the Murmansk region Kola districtIn the Murmansk Nickel appeared alley of friendship© RIA Novosti / Pavel to Lovparade the image Bank

Alley of Friendship, planted in the border with Norway the Russian village of Nickel as a symbol of good neighbourhood, friendship and cooperation between Russians and Norwegians in the North.

The alley of Friendship appeared on the Nickel in the days of the on the border of Russia and Norway in the first International festival of ecological and social cinema «the Northern Character: Green Screen».

Fourteen seedlings of the Hungarian lilac is a special type of shrub, adapted to Northern conditions planted in the front garden of the art center «Second school». According to experts, the seedlings should be well accustomed, despite the fact that during the ceremony of planting a Bush in the Nickel went first snow.

«This is a special type recommended for planting in Northern cities. Shrubs should settle down well, the ground is still frozen, the timing of planting is not yet over,» he told RIA Novosti, the acting Director of Polar-Alpine Botanical garden-Institute Oksana Gontar.

The ceremony participants noted the symbolism of past events, his deep sense for people living on both sides of the border. «We appreciate and carefully pass on to future generations the traditions of friendship. There is nothing more symbolic than together to plant a tree, and in this case, the whole alley. We appreciate small family, symbolic events, which are not mass global in nature,» — said at the opening ceremony the Governor of the Murmansk region Marina Kovtun.

The Consul General of the Kingdom of Norway in Murmansk Eric Svedal noted the importance of the fact that the festival takes place on both sides of the border according to the diplomat, this is evidence that the Russians and Norwegians in the North have common interests, which create the basis for interaction and cooperation. «Being neighbors, we have a shared responsibility for the environment, together we will implement projects to protect the environment,» said the Consul.

«Despite the fact that the policy between the two countries can be very complicated, the work that we do here, becomes even more important. Here in the North, we are good friends, neighbors and partners», — considers Vice-the mayor of the commune Lena actually Barging Sør-Varanger.

Festival organizer — producer center «the Northern Character» is supported by the company «Norilsk Nickel».