In the Ulyanovsk region will construct a complex for the production of polymeric materials

© Photo : RazumhakУльяновск. Archive photoIn the Ulyanovsk region will construct a complex for the production of polymeric materials© Photo : Razumhak

Laboratory and production complex for the production of polymeric materials will build in the Ulyanovsk region. The new building project on the basis of the all-Russian Institute of aviation materials has received the approval of Glavgosexpertiza of Russia, the press service of the regional government.

The decision to build was made at the end of 2017 during the meeting of Governor Sergey Morozov and General Director of VIAM Evgeny Kablov.

«A positive conclusion of the Main Department of state expertise gives us every reason to believe that with the advent of such a complex region will strengthen their competence in the creation of composite materials for various branches of industry, construction, road building and other fields. This will also contribute to the cooperation agreement that we signed with VIAM», — the press service quoted Sergei Morozov.

The experts found that the results of engineering surveys and project documentation meet the requirements of technical regulations and other statutory requirements. Also issued a positive opinion on the audit of reliability of determination of estimate cost.

Ulyanovsk center of VIAM develops innovative technologies and production of products for aviation and other areas: oil and gas complex, rail and road transport, food and processing industry. The center is part of the aviation production cluster in Ulyanovsk region.

A newly built laboratory and production complex for the creation of production capacity for the production of prepregs (composite materials, semi-finished products) on the basis of melt binders and fillers as well as binders and adhesive tapes.

The materials required for the production and the modernization of priority products of weapons, military and special equipment.