McCartney called his only song, any Lennon

© AP Photo / Invision/Rob Grabowski, FileБританский musician Paul McCartneyMcCartney called his only song, any Lennon© AP Photo / Invision/Rob Grabowski, File

Sir Paul McCartney in an interview with «60 minutes» said that for all the time John Lennon once praised him in a song written for The Beatles.

British musician said that his only song, which Lennon was very positive, was «Here, There and Everywhere» from the seventh album «Revolver».

After listening to her, Lennon said: «It’s a really good song, buddy. I love that song,» recalls McCartney.

«I keep it in memory to this day. It’s actually a pity», — said the musician.

McCartney also admitted that the two members of the «Fab Four» there was a rivalry, though not open to the public.

McCartney called his only song, any Lennon