Pope Francis were deprived of their dignity a pedophile priest from Chile

© AP Photo / Alessandra TarantinoПапа Roman Francis, archival photoPope Francis were deprived of their dignity a pedophile priest from Chile© AP Photo / Alessandra Tarantino

Pope Francis were deprived of their dignity influential Chilean priest, Fernando Karadima, who was previously convicted of sexual abuse of minors.

As reported in Friday’s print service of the Holy see, the Pontiff «made this an exceptional decision according to my conscience and for the good of the Church» according to Canon 331 of the Code of Canon law of the Roman Catholic Church. This Canon says that the Pope «because of his position in the Church enjoys Supreme, full, immediate and universal ordinary power, which he can always freely exercise».

In the print service of the Holy see RIA Novosti said the decision was extraordinary, and explained that from September 27 Karadima is no longer a priest, and therefore cannot make the Eucharist and other Church sacraments. The decree about the 88-year-old Karadima was signed by Pope Francis on 27 September and immediately entered into force. Its substance was communicated to the Chilean cleric on Friday.

The decision of the Pope is connected with the scandal that erupted in the Catholic Church of Chile in connection with charges against almost 80 local priests in sexual abuse of minors.

Karadima for a long time was the Abbot of a temple in the suburbs of the Chilean capital of El Bosque, whose parishioners were many representatives of the local elite. Complaints of believers to the misbehavior of a priest appeared in the 1980-ies, but the Church authorities tried to hush up unpleasant history. However, this case had to do the investigating authorities of Chile, which established the facts of pedophilia, and the cleric was not in jail only because the Statute of limitations expired. As a result, in 2011, by decision of the Vatican Congregation for the doctrine of the faith Karadimou sent to a remote monastery for prayers and repentance.

However, the investigation revealed that many of the claims in this case there is to Juan Barros, who was one of the disciples Karadima and quickly made a career in the Church. In 2015, discussed the appointment of Barros to the post of Bishop of the city of Osorno, some members of a special Papal Commission on the protection of minors Francis expressed serious doubts about the moral character of this Prelate. But then the Pontiff considered that these suspicions are unfounded, and Barros received the coveted Department.

In January of this year, during the Apostolic visit to Chile, Pope Francis became the object of harsh criticism because of the scandal of pedophile priests and their high-ranking patrons. During this visit, the Pontiff openly stood up for Barros, calling the accusations against him «slanderous» and urged him to provide evidence of the impropriety of a Bishop. This position of the Pope caused open resentment from many Chilean believers.

Only after that, in late January, Pope Francis entrusted two of his trusted prelates — the Archbishop of Malta, Charles Scicluna and employee of the Vatican Congregation for the doctrine of the faith, Jordi Bertomeu Pornosu to understand all the circumstances of the Chilean scandal. Having examined the collected materials, the Pontiff said that he experienced «pain and shame».

Vosmogo APR Francis decided to call in the Vatican to all the bishops of Chile, to frankly discuss with them the results of special investigations. However, he acknowledged his own «serious error in judgment and perception of the situation, primarily because of the lack of reliable and balanced information» on the case.

In may, Pope Francis met in the Vatican with Chilean victims of pedophile priests, including the Reverend Karadima and then took all 34 of the bishops of Chile, which then gave the Pontiff’s resignation. In June, the Pope accepted the resignation of three bishops of Chile, which was Barros.

The decision of Pope Francis at Karadima immediately provoked a lively reaction from believers, who for many years was made the just punishment for priests-pedophiles. So Juan Carlos Cruz, who in his childhood became one of the victims of the Chilean priest, and in may was accepted into the Vatican by Pope Francis, wrote on Twitter: «Pedophile Karadima cut off from Sana’a. No one dreamed that this day would come. This is the man who has ruined the lives of many people. Thank Pope Francis because he finally made that decision. I hope many people today are relieved».