Russia introduced new rules for registration of cars

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The interior Ministry has introduced new rules for state registration of motor vehicles and trailers. The corresponding order was published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

In particular, it is allowed to put on the account cars with electronic PTS, the use of which for new vehicles will be mandatory from 1 November 2019. Already issued a paper title will continue to operate indefinitely, and the owner will be able to replace them with electronic on their own.

According to the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Irina Volk, the order establishes an anti-corruption mechanism for the issuance of registration plates, increasing their shelf life according to the statements of the owners of vehicles from 180 to 360 days.

«In addition, the document is governed by and significantly simplified the procedure for entering the information about the replaced motor vehicle: now it is enough to present the vehicle for inspection, the results of which information about the engine number will be entered in the passport of the vehicle and the information system of the state traffic Inspectorate», — said the Wolf.

Thus replaced, the engine must be of the same type and model as previously stated, not to be wanted, and have original factory markings.

As noted by Wolf, according to the analysis of appeals of citizens and organizations refined the procedure of issue of registration signs «Transit» for exported cars. In accordance with the new order expanded the list of documents certifying the fact of disposal of the car and serving as the basis for the relevant registration procedures.

In the case of several owners of the car in registration with one of them they will be able to fill out a written statement to the police personally or to give future drivers a notarized consent.

The new order allows to put the car on account of not only the passport, but according to the temporary ID.

A timely response

The head of the Federation of car owners Sergei Kanayev told RT that the introduction of the Ministry of interior of new rules of registration of motor vehicles and trailers was timely.

In particular, he welcomed the emergence of opportunities to register in traffic police the car with the electronic passport of the vehicle.

«When there is a single database, all passports of vehicles that are lost, meaningless. They can serve as insurance, but it might be temporary. The transition to electronic passports is much safer, it provides better protection from theft», he said.

According to Kanaeva, the simplified procedure of approval of engine replacement is a standard international practice.

«Engine — conventional spare part, gear box, starter», — he explained.

Mopeds and sports cars

The representative of the research center of safety of traffic of the Ministry of internal Affairs, developed the new standard, Andriy Kapustin noted that the appearance of special license plates for vintage cars, sports cars and mopeds in the coming year can be expected.

According to Kapustin, now mopeds are not subject to registration, and sports cars and vintage cars register on a common basis with the other cars. He explained that the new standard included Gosznak for these vehicles, but they can only be issued after the adoption of relevant normative-legal acts which will regulate their registration.

«The fact that the state Duma has recently approved a new law on registration of vehicles. It provides that the police is not going to order and give anyone registration marks. This law included a provision that the government may approve the order of registration of separate kinds of vehicles. I think, next year this will not be before the law came into force,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

He added that license plate for mopeds are the same size as new signs for motorcycles. According to Kapustin, for motorcycle registration plates is reduced, as many, especially imported, the site cannot accommodate such a large size as it is now. The new standard introduces registration plates for motor transport of diplomatic and consular missions on a red background.