The fog has paralysed the airports in Kemerovo and Novokuznetsk

© RIA Novosti / Ruslan to Krivobokova in fotosensibile during landing. Archival photoThe fog has paralysed the airports in Kemerovo and Novokuznetsk© RIA Novosti / Ruslan to Krivobokova the image Bank

International airports Kemerovo and Novokuznetsk on Friday morning do not accept planes from-for a dense fog, they landed at alternate sites in the neighboring regions, told RIA Novosti in the information service of the Kuzbass airports.

«Because of the fog the plane «Aeroflot» has directed to Tomsk, «Victory» and «S7″ landed in Novosibirsk (Tolmachevo). All three flight from Moscow», — have informed in help the airport Kemerovo, and noted that in this regard delayed the return flights to the capital, the exact time specified.

According to weather services and mobile applications, visibility in Kemerovo due to the fog currently is just 100 metres away, the humidity is 99%.

A similar situation has developed in Novokuznetsk airport «Heathrow». According to the reference, all morning flights from Moscow and other cities was redirected to Novosibirsk. According to the online scoreboard, now at 3-5 hours delayed the flight four passenger planes of airline «North wind» in Simferopol, Domodedovo S7, «Aeroflot» in the Sheremetyevo and «azure air» in Antalya.