The Hermitage theatre will present the premiere of «Kings» by Pushkin and Yesenin

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Polycomposite in fotobounce Hermitage theatre. Archival photoThe Hermitage theatre will present the premiere of «Kings» by Pushkin and Yesenin© RIA Novosti / Alexander Polycomposite the image Bank

The premiere of «Kings» on the tragedy by Alexander Pushkin and a dramatic poem Sergei Esenin will present the 28th of September the Moscow theater «Hermitage», the press service of the theatre.

«Kings» — the show, based on the tragedy of Pushkin’s «Boris Godunov» and the poem of Esenin’s «Pugachev». The production was created by artistic Director of Hermitage Director Mikhail Levitin in collaboration with the artist Sergei Barkhin and composer Vladimir Dashkevich.

The play, linking two centuries of Russian history, the most difficult, but at the same time and bright pages, illuminated by the light of the great poetry of Pushkin and Esenina. For each of these geniuses of the relationship of the poet and power – one of the major themes in their work. Pushkin and Yesenin get in there, which are impossible to reach to the common man, their plan is deeper than just the story of kings and riots, than the story of the «Russian State».

«It is not only the relationship of the poet and the authorities… it is Important looking at power poets. An incredible experience of two Russian geniuses, their words, their works of art… Two great idea about the famous personalities of the history of the Russian state», — said Levitin before the premiere.

The creators of «Kings», and partly paying tribute to the legendary Taganka «Pugachev» directed by Yuri Lyubimov, is injected into the tissue of the performances of the texts of the tragedies, but in contrast – the comic interludes of a famous Soviet playwright Nikolai Erdman. Performance «Kings» is a step towards understanding the eternal dialogue between the poet and power, a step toward national history and understanding of what unites such different from each other epochs.

The cast Boris Romanov, Vladimir Shulga, Catherine Tenet, Galina Maracheva, Ala Nikulin, Stanislav Sukharev, Danila Shevchenko, Konstantin Tumilovich, Sergei Beskhlebnov, Anna Bogdan and others.

Premiere shows will be held on 28 and 29 September.