The NAC has confirmed the elimination of militants in Dagestan

© Photo : NAC Contrarotating operation in the Republic of Dagestan. Archive photoThe NAC has confirmed the elimination of militants in Dagestan© Photo : NAC of Russia

In the course of those in Dagestan neutralized bandit, involved in the Commission of terrorist crimes, said the representative of information centre of National antiterrorist Committee (NAC) Vadim Druzhinin.

«When carrying out quickly-search actions connected with search of persons, with the intent to commit terrorist crimes on the territory of the Republic of Dagestan, security authorities in forested, mountainous terrain in the area of professional footballers pass was discovered and blocked by an armed gunman,» — said in the message.

The Committee explained that the FSB Russia on Thursday decided to conduct a counter-terrorist operation and to enter the corresponding mode in the territory of the Tula region and Kumtorkalinsky districts to prevent terrorist actions and to ensure the safety of citizens.

«On the night of 28 September, during the military contact who had armed resistance, the gunman was neutralized,» — said in the message.

It is noted that, according to the operative headquarters of the NJSC to the data, he was involved in several terrorist crimes.

At the scene he found the machine gun, ready to use improvised explosive device, ammunition and special equipment. Victims among the civilian population and losses among the personnel of the security forces there, added the Committee.