The Russian Orthodox Church denies «temporary» jurisdiction over the Kyivan Metropolitanate

© Photo : press service to Patriarchiate in photosangelina session of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox ChurchThe Russian Orthodox Church denies «temporary» jurisdiction over the Kyivan Metropolitanate© Photo : press service to Patriarchiate the image Bank

Presented by the Patriarchate of Constantinople documents do not confirm his rights to the Metropolitan of Kiev, said the Deputy head of the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate Nikolai Balashov.

Earlier, the Patriarchate of Constantinople has published a 29-page «justification» of their right to the granting of autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church with reference to historical documents. They announced that the ROC has no right to the Ukrainian Church since the transfer of the Kyiv Metropolitanate to the jurisdiction of Moscow in the XVII century «were of a temporary nature.»

«The documents this is not» — said Balashov journalists.

«We had a very strange assertion of some representatives of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, Constantinople announced the decision (on the granting of autocephaly) is allegedly based on these historical documents and somehow justify themselves. We would like to ask our brothers of what documents they issued such judgments. Or maybe read the documents that still remained outside the sphere of our attention. Although I doubt that they exist,» he added.