Trump called the speech Cavanaugh in the U.S. Senate strong and honest

© RIA Novosti / Roman to Mahmutpasa in Photobacterium USA Donald trumpTrump called the speech Cavanaugh in the U.S. Senate strong and honest© RIA Novosti / Roman to Mahmutpasa the image Bank

The US President Donald trump called strong and honest speech in the Senate candidate for the post of Supreme court judge Brett kavanaugh, of which several women accused of harassment, and urged lawmakers to vote on his candidacy.

The hearing took place on Thursday in connection with the charges in the address of Cavanaugh’s allegations from several women of sexual harassment in the 1980-ies. The judge in the course of the meeting, which lasted nearly four hours, denied the allegations.

«Judge Cavanaugh showed America why I put it forward. His statement (in the Senate) was a strong, honest and exciting. The strategy of search and destroy, which is used by the Democrats, shameful, and this process was full of fraud and attempt to detain, to hinder and to resist. The Senate must vote!», — trump wrote on Twitter.

Candidacy Cavanaugh previously nominated trump. The vote on the nomination of judges is scheduled in the Committee on Friday confirmed that following the hearing, Republican Senator John kornyn. After approval at the Committee level Cavanaugh is necessary to obtain the approval of the full Senate.

The Democrats are trying to postpone the vote to hold him in the Congress, which is scheduled for November 6 and the results of which they expect to get the majority in both the Senate and the house of representatives. In order to delay the process, Cavanaugh suggested to go to the FBI with a request for investigation of the charges against him, but the judge declined, saying he was «ready to do what asked the senators». The Republicans the initiative on further investigation do not support.

The U.S. Supreme court has nine members and has a significant impact on laws and society in the United States, often putting an end to the political and public debate. Judges of the Supreme court in the United States are appointed for life. Trump possibility to appoint a judge of the Supreme court had for the second time. Cavanaugh, like his predecessor Neil Gorsuch, nominated for the position of judge, appointed another Republican President — Ronald Reagan. Thus, the number of appointees of presidents-Democrats and Republicans in court does not change: the nominees of the Republicans will be in the case of approval Cavanaugh, a majority of five votes.