UN of contention. Countries exchanged accusations

© RIA Novosti / Roman to Mahmutpasa in fotomonster-apartment of the United Nations in new York. 25 Sep 2018UN of contention. Countries exchanged accusations© RIA Novosti / Roman to Mahmutpasa the image Bank

The meeting of the UN security Council on non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) had been mutual criticism: Donald trump scolded Iran and China, Theresa may and Emmanuel macron chastised Russia, Sergei Lavrov, has filed counterclaims. And all together pointed to the need to reform the UN.

Another blow for China

«I want to thank Iran, Russia and Syria, which at my urgent request significantly slowed down their attack on Idlib province, inhabited by three million people, to reach 35 thousand terrorists» — suddenly said the President of the United States, a few minutes ago otchityvatsya Tehran.

And lashed out at China. At this session of the General Assembly Beijing already got from trump. The U.S. leader threatened that he would not «tolerate abuse»: «the United States has just imposed duties for another 200 billion dollars in Chinese goods. With great respect to the Chairman of the si, but in trade, we this situation will not tolerate».

To attack said foreign Minister Wang Yi, saying that in the American elections did not intervene, not intervene and unfounded accusations against him do not accept. And put forward a counter-claim: the United States withdrew from the nuclear deal with Iran, which was a «multilateral approach was given a considerable labour», becoming a step to stability in the middle East. Perfect agreement is noticed to Wang, but a Joint comprehensive plan of action endorsed the UN security Council. Therefore, it is necessary to «respect the right of all countries to trade and relations with Iran.»

«Audition for the role of leader of the free world»

To criticize the United States, however, this time a little more restraint, joined by the President of France. He noted that the signing of the Iranian nuclear deal the country are now looking in different directions, though committed to a common goal — to prevent the acquisition by Tehran of nuclear weapons. The crisis of confidence really emerged, but due to the introduction of the American sanctions against countries trading with Iran. And Tehran for its part performs all obligations, said macron.

Not paid attention to the French leader and Russia. He recalled two cases of use of chemical weapons in February of 2017 at the airport in Kuala Lumpur was assassinated older brother, Kim Jong-UN — Kim Jong-Nam, and then a paralytic agent used in Britain. Macron sure the latter involving Russia and urged Moscow «to do everything to this threat has been terminated.»

He also recommended not to sign trade agreements with States that do not fulfill the conditions of the Paris climate agreement. But did not mention the United States, renounced the agreement in 2017. Change, in his view, there is in the work of the UN: it’s time to create the mechanism of restriction of the veto power of permanent security Council members (they have Russia, USA, China, UK and France).

Macron raised the subject of Moscow’s involvement in the poisoning in Salisbury continued the Prime Minister Theresa may. She stated that agreements on non-proliferation of WMD under threat: over the last fifteen years chemical weapons were used in Syria, Malaysia, UK. «Russia does not allow to ask the Assad regime. We have seen the erosion of norms in Salisbury, when Russia has used the stuff we have on the streets. Was attempted murder,» said the head of the British government.

May criticized Russia, speaking at the UN General Assembly, for «flagrant violation of international norms, starting with the occupation of the sovereign territory to the use of chemical weapons by agents of the GRU on the streets of British cities».

Lavrov stood up and for Syria, calling false accusations against Damascus and stressing that the Syrian government has destroyed all the chemical weapons Arsenal in accordance with the Russian-American agreement 2013. «But terrorist groups chemical warfare agents there! The terrorists learned to synthesize, create for this lab, this has long warned the intelligence services, including the American,» — said Lavrov. And recalled that Russia has repeatedly proposed to develop a comprehensive strategy to combat chemical terrorism.

© Photo : foreign Minister Riserva Lavrov at the UN General Assembly. September 25, 2018UN of contention. Countries exchanged accusations© Photo : Riserva foreign Minister Lavrov at the UN General Assembly. 25 Sep 2018

The Minister did not leave without attention and the situation around the Iranian nuclear program. The US withdrawal from the deal, according to him, poses a serious threat to the nonproliferation regime. Lavrov added that Russia would like to preserve the agreement and is actively working in this direction with Iran, China and the European Union.

UN of contention. Countries exchanged accusations© RIA Novosti / Roman to Mahmutpasa in fotobanka will not return to the UNHRC prior to reforms, said Tramposo critical undertone was supported by the President of Poland. Andrzej Duda stressed that no single case of the use of chemical weapons must not remain unanswered. And complained about the deployment of missile systems near the Polish borders, because «such actions will eventually lead to the deterioration of security in Eastern Europe».

A day earlier, at the General Assembly, Duda, and his French counterpart, emphasized that it is time to reform the organization. And along with the European Union. He voiced the desire to Warsaw to participate in the work of the Security Council, «that all members have equal rights and opportunities».

Organization of disunited Nations

In recent times the UN is increasingly a target for criticism. The organization criticized the fact that she lost credibility. The French Le Figaro remembered even that in 1965, General Charles de Gaulle condemned the «violent and outrageous of the meeting at which it is impossible to organize an objective discussion.» So, it seems the UN has again become a noisy bunch.

UN of contention. Countries exchanged accusations© REUTERS / Carlo AllegriЭрдоган called for reform of the security Council, OONS this point of view does not agree the Chairman of the Council on foreign and defense policy Fyodor Lukyanov: «This particular meeting should not be viewed as a sample of the normal work of the security Council, because it was a big political show, performance was led by the greatest showman in the world. To be a perfectionist and believe that the UN is a community seeking to unite, and the security Council — the prototype of the world government, as dreamed by the founders of this organization, then the UN is not working. And if you consider this organization as a mechanism by which even the most acute contradictions do not develop into direct military confrontations, then, it performs its functions».

His opinion is supported by the General Director of the Russian international Affairs Council Andrei Kortunov: «Any international organization as bad or good as it wants to see a country-participants. Blame the organization — then blame themselves or their partners. Indeed, the UN has many problems, but we’ve got nothing else, having such a significant legitimacy, initiative. As Confucius said: than to curse the darkness better to light one little candle». To improve, the UN should work, the expert believes. Regardless of how long and dreary may be the process.

© RIA Novosti / Roman to Mahmutpasa in fotomonster-apartment of the United Nations in new York. 25 Sep 2018UN of contention. Countries exchanged accusations© RIA Novosti / Roman to Mahmutpasa in fotomonster-apartment of the United Nations in new York. 25 Sep 2018