Zyabkina: transport forum in Sochi has become a platform of innovation

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pescaprae in fotobounce in SochiZyabkina: transport forum in Sochi has become a platform of innovation© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pescaprae the image Bank

. International transport and logistics forum «PRO/Motion.1520» in Sochi have become a platform to discuss issues of strategic development of JSC «RZD» and innovation in the railway industry as a whole taking into account the changing technological structure and process of digitalization of the economy, said President of the Nonprofit partnership to protect the interests of cargo owners in the field of railway transport Alena Zyabkina.

The forum, which this year is dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the founding of the company, will be held in Sochi on 1-3 October. It will be divided into «Day Strategies» and «Day of debate» in each of which there will be a plenary and strategic sessions, round tables, will work in areas of business negotiations. Forum participants will be representatives of the transport industry of Russia, countries of CIS and EU, Russian government bodies, banking and investment sectors, leading scientists, engineers and inventors.

«I would like that this Playground has become a platform of innovation, where presented, discussed, new, interesting, perhaps unusual and even the most unusual ideas aimed at the development of the railway industry, JSC «RZD» in accordance with the spirit of the time, with the change of technological structure and the process of digitalization of the economy,» said Zyabkina RIA Novosti.

In her opinion, the achievement of JSC «RZD» for the past 15 years has been the transformation of the company from dictating the terms of the monopoly in a major market player, interested in attracting additional cargo, the performance of its obligations, the discussion and development of General technology and business solutions together with the participants of the transportation process.

Among the strategic directions that the owners feel the need to discuss on the forum with representatives of RZD and other market participants, Zyabkina called the creation of digital client services, «digital future», in which the participants of the transportation process «one touch will be able to see their business processes and operational mode to make management decisions in the field of logistics».

As reported in the press service of the forum in Sochi is expected to consider a wide range of issues concerning the future of the world transport system, international cooperation, green technology and energy efficiency, and productivity. A separate thread of the business program will focus on the efficiency of passenger transport service for passengers. In the framework of the business program participants of the forum will discuss digital solutions and the transport of the future: from its role in shaping the digital economy to the introduction of IT innovations in transportation and logistics.