Dolls made from dead girls man offered to put in a boarding school

© RIA Novostinearly necrophiliac-the puppet master Anatoly Moskvin. Archival photoDolls made from dead girls man offered to put in a boarding school© RIA Novosti

The premise is mentally ill, Anatoly Moskvin, who was making mummies of the bodies of the dead girls, in a specialized psycho-neurological internat in case of his transfer to outpatient treatment would be humane for him and other people, told RIA news Nizhny Novgorod Ombudsman Nadezhda otdelkina.

Leninskiy district court of Nizhniy Novgorod on Thursday appointed it is judicial-psychiatric examination under the involuntary treatment in a psychiatric hospital slowly to understand whether to transfer him to outpatient treatment. A petition was made by the doctors, according to which the subject is in a state of stable remission drug. The Prosecutor’s office demanded to make an examination to understand if he’s dangerous to society.

«Russian law clearly regulates the issues of compulsory measures of a medical nature. Any decisions about their use and the change takes only the court, based on medical testimony. Since in accordance with the Russian Constitution the rights and freedoms of man and citizen shall not violate the rights and freedoms of other persons, in such processes necessarily involved the defence and the Prosecutor,» — said the Ombudsman.

She believes that it is correct to discuss the topic with Moskvin until the court decision, and if the release from compulsory treatment in hospital should be set to forced outpatient supervision and treatment.

«In addition I believe that a possible solution is to put the horse in specialized psychoneurological boarding school, which will provide care, control, medical and social rehabilitation. It would be humane and for himself, and for the relatives and neighbors,» said Otdelkina.

Moskvin was detained in early November 2011. He dug graves in the cemeteries in Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow regions, removed the bodies of girls aged three to 12 years and made them mummies. During a search of his home and in the garage were found 26 mummified bodies. dolls of All in 38 episodes.

Moskvin has actively cooperated with investigators and admitted that he did mummy, I wanted to have a daughter. Mummy, according to the Nizhni Novgorod, replaced it, and he considered them his children, talked to them and even arranged for the holidays.

Examination found the Nizhny Novgorod mental disorder and found him insane. Leninskiy district court of Nizhniy Novgorod decided to apply to Moskvin compulsory treatment, the deadline for which has been repeatedly extended, most recently until February 21, 2018.