In Busan detained the Russian ship «Sevastopol»

CC BY 2.0 / Richard Fisher / Sunrise over Viaport in Busan. Archival photoIn Busan detained the Russian ship «Sevastopol»CC BY 2.0 / Richard Fisher / Sunrise over Busan

In the South Korean port of Busan detained the Russian ship «Sevastopol», owned by «Hudson», informed RIA Novosti the representative of the International transport workers ‘ Federation (ITF) in the far East, Pyotr Osichansky.

He said that the ship was detained, not arrested. «The agent came to the dock and said that can’t allow the ship waste. It is suspected that this is due to the sanctions against «Hudson». Lawyers of the company called instance, and while this is all the information that is there,» said Osichansky.

According to him, probably during the weekend the situation will not change.

Checking against the vessel

Previously, the newspaper «Kommersant», citing a source reported that the ship arrested in South Korea because of possible suspicion in the trade with North Korea, is prohibited by UN security Council sanctions.

In August, the South Korean foreign Ministry reported that the Russian ship «Sevastopol» in the South Korean port of Busan is checked for violation of decisions of the UN security Council.

According to South Korean media reports, a cargo ship «Sevastopol» from Vladivostok is located in the port of Busan for repairs. As reported earlier by RIA Novosti in the Customs administration of the Republic of Korea, the decision on measures in relation to the vessel «Sevastopol» takes the foreign Ministry, not customs.

US sanctions

USA made the list of sanctions on North Korea two Russian companies and six vessels, including a shipping company «Hudson» owned by her and the ship «Sevastopol».

The U.S. Treasury argues that included in the list of the court allegedly participated in the supply to the DPRK of refined petroleum products, which are expected in the open sea was pumped from Russian to North Korean vessels.

In Busan detained the Russian ship «Sevastopol»© Infografiken sanctions against Russia and retaliatory measures