In Japan, 18 people were injured due to Typhoon «Centres»

© REUTERSПоследствия Typhoon Centres in Uruma, Japan. 29 Sep 2018In Japan, 18 people were injured due to Typhoon «Centres»© REUTERS

Eighteen people were injured due to strong wind caused by approaching Typhoon «Centres» in the South of Japan, said Saturday Agency Kiodo.

A significant portion of injured in the fall, there are also injured by shards of glass from a broken in the wind window.

Currently, the centre of Typhoon «Centres», which has the sequence number 24 is 50 kilometers from the island Aranzina of Okinawa Prefecture. The Typhoon is moving to the North-East and threatened to strike first in the South-West, and then North-Eastern parts of the country, thus capturing almost its entire territory. Meteorologists classify it as «extremely strong» and warned of extremely strong Gale force winds that accompanies the promotion of the Typhoon. So in the city and Nanjo Okinawa recorded a record wind – 56,2 meters per second.

Canceled about 400 flights connecting Okinawa to other parts of the country.

The pressure at the center of the Typhoon is 950 millibars. The wind speed at the center is 45 metres per second, with gusts up to 60 meters per second.

In Japan, 18 people were injured due to Typhoon «Centres»© Infographical worst natural disasters of the XXI century