«Magnet» will help employees who were victims of accident in Moscow

© Photo : courtesy of GUMCHS of the Russian Federation in Moscow obestity in city Lukhovitsy district on highway M-5 Ural, Moscow region. September 29, 2018«Magnet» will help employees who were victims of accident in Moscow© photo : courtesy of GUMCHS of Russia across the Moscow region

Magnet monitors the status of employees who were injured in the accident in the Moscow region, and provide them with material assistance, told RIA Novosti in the press service of the retail network.

Saturday morning on the Federal road M-5 (Ural) in the Lukhovitsy district of Moscow region, the accident occurred. A bus carrying employees of the retail network «Magnit», collided with a car, drove into a ditch and overturned. The Ministry of health of Moscow region reported that the accident injured 13 people, they are taken to medical facilities in the region.

«Magnet» said that the accident occurred with a shift bus carrying employees from the distribution center in Kolomna Zaraysk. «At present, the causes and circumstances of the accident are specified», — noted in press service.

«The situation is on control at the management of the retail network «Magnit». At the accident scene promptly arrived the staff responsible for road safety. The scene also flew representatives of the headquarters of «the Magnet,» said the company.

«Just in the bus there were about 30 people, most of them received injuries of varying severity, some needed medical aid. Retail network «Magnit» is in constant contact with treatment providers, monitors the status of employees, all of them will be provided financial assistance from the company» — added a «Magnet».

«Magnet» will help employees who were victims of accident in Moscow© RIA Novosti, Infographique to do in case of an accident