Missing on the way to Chelyabinsk journalist Znak.com found

© Photo : Znak.com Journalist Irina Kryuchkova. Archive photoMissing on the way to Chelyabinsk journalist Znak.com found© Photo : Znak.com

Journalist Znak.com Irina Kryuchkova, who disappeared during a trip from Ekaterinburg to Chelyabinsk, was, said Friday the newspaper.

Earlier Znak.com reported that the coordinator of the Chelyabinsk edition Kryuchkov September 26 with the companion traveled from Yekaterinburg to Chelyabinsk. On the road the woman called my friend and told about the conflict with the driver of the car, and then stopped communicating. Billing phone missing, according to media reports showed that he was in Chelyabinsk. The police statement friends hook organized her search.

«Journalist Znak.com Irina Kryuchkova, missing three days ago was found», — stated in the message.

«She’s alive and she’s safe. The disappearance of Irene were not of a criminal nature and was not related to her professional activities,» — said in the editorial.