The huntsman marked the first anniversary of his stay in Moscow with a concert

© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite in fotobanka USA in Russia John huntsman. Archival photoThe huntsman marked the first anniversary of his stay in Moscow with a concert© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite the image Bank

The group Well-Strung performed on Friday at the residence of the US Ambassador in Moscow Spaso house. The string Quartet is known that all participants not only perform the instrumental party mix of classic and modern music, but at the same time sing.

«This group quickly became a sensation after its introduction in 2010. Now they give about 120 speeches a year, were they including in the Vatican,» said U.S. Ambassador John huntsman, introducing the Quartet to the audience, which this evening were ambassadors of Afghanistan, Armenia, Germany, Turkey, Italy.

«America is a nation driven by innovation, and the music industry is no exception. I hope that this speech will inspire you to overcome the usual barriers. This is the essence of America,» said the huntsman.

He added that he was happy to share the pleasure of the concert with the audience on the anniversary of his stay in Moscow as U.S. Ambassador.

The American Ambassador, who in his youth was a keyboardist in the group, not just in a different interview confessed their love for music. For example, on the reception on the occasion of the independence Day of USA he sat down at the synthesizer and played for a cover band.

In turn, the members of the Quartet Well-Strung stated that they for the first time in Russia, but «fell in love» with her.

In his speech in Moscow, the Quartet performed a few songs, including an unusual mix of works by Mozart, Vivaldi, Bach, Lady Gaga songs, bands Queen and the Beatles.