When macho to cry. Makeup want to do the norm for men

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The world famous cosmetics company, Chanel has started the production of decorative cosmetics for men. Her example was ready to follow two major cosmetic brand is Covergirl and Maybelline. Analysts say that in 2022 the world will be annually sold men’s makeup for $ 166 billion. The preparation of the representatives of the stronger sex — in the material RIA Novosti.

Men’s beauty is big business

From a wholesale men’s fashion for beards pendulum the beauty industry has swung in favor of demonstrative femininity: cosmetics manufacturers are promoting make-up for men.

The leader was the company Chanel, for the first time in history released in the September set of decorative cosmetics for men Chanel Boy De: Foundation, a matte lip balm and eyebrow pencil.

Chanel comes on the heels of competitors: makeup for men in the near future I plan to represent Covergirl and Maybelline. The experts in the cosmetic market are sure that very soon, similar products will appear at all the leading cosmetic brands.

According to forecasts of research company Allied Market Research, by 2022, sale of cosmetics for men in the world will exceed $ 166 billion. However, women’s cosmetics will be sold four times more.

The largest market of men’s cosmetics for the next five years will remain the current leader of North America. The greatest demand will be there to use means for skin care products (especially sunscreen and anti-wrinkle creams) and oral cavity (toothpastes, providing more effective protection against caries).

But the highest rate of sales growth expected in the Asia-Pacific region, especially China and India. This contributes to rapid urbanization and the concomitant spread of the «corporate identity», implying an active use of means for shaving, skin care and hair, deodorants and other cosmetic products.

Allied Market Research emphasizes that another powerful factor in increasing demand for men’s cosmetics (specifically in creams) will need masking various skin allergies, spreading across the globe at a catastrophic rate. One of the main reasons for this — you beauty products, which are widely used unsafe chemicals.

Most often in the cosmetic composition includes a coal tar (hair colours), diethanolamine (Soaps and shampoos), glycol ethers (cosmetics), as well as lead compounds and mercury (skin cream).

In this regard, Allied Market Research warns of side effects from lead and mercury, in addition to allergies, can be a headache and even disorders of the nervous system.

East factor

Increasing the production of traditional cosmetic products for men — shampoos, deodorants, shaving products and moisturizing creams manufacturers focus on obvious and clear macroeconomic trends.

With men’s makeup is formed a fundamentally different situation, because marketers do not see economic factors for the increase in demand for this category of goods.

Here the representatives of the cosmetic industry’s emphasis on cultural and psychological factors: that men, especially younger ones, increasingly want to be beautiful like models in magazines or actors in movies.

As the example of South Korea, where sales of men’s cosmetics, according to estimates of the French consulting Agency Cosmetic Inspiration & Creation, last year exceeded one billion dollars.

And that’s with a population of just over 50 million people.

The world record for sales of make up for men Korea made a «drama» — youth television series, the heroes of which are excellent appearance. It is no coincidence that one of the most popular believe is called «Boys over flowers».

That is why Chanel started selling cosmetics for men in Korea (in other countries the company will come only in January).

But despite the growing popularity of doram around the world, including Russia, rely on them as the main motor of global sales of men’s makeup would be at least careless.

Cosmetics manufacturers understand this very well, so rely on another trend.

«No dirty changing rooms»

As noted in the report, Allied Market Research, the largest cosmetic brands change strategy sales of products for men. A new marketing policy provides for the rejection of the old hypermasculine the image of a hero in the style of «whiskey and cigarettes» in favor of gender-neutral in terms of packaging and advertising.

The Agency’s analysts emphasize that cosmetics manufacturers will adjust their ads to less focus on gender identification and sexuality.

«All of this points to a shift in the culture of the promoting goods for men: no dirty locker rooms, in advertising men’s deodorant and shameful drama in the commercials that advertise remedies for hair loss, writes a popular online publication Quartz. Now, when the legendary brand Chanel made a gender revolution in makeup, its competitors will likely follow suit. And this is a step towards creating a less gender-differentiated in the beauty industry».

In other words, the production of decorative cosmetics for men is not only and not so much a commercial decision as political action in the fight against «gender differentiation».

And it can be considered bad news for the representatives of the stronger sex. If this goes on, in ten years men with makeup eyes and lips will start to accuse of sexism.