In China mom and aunt came to the rescue of a drowning elephant

In the Internet appeared the video, which elephants in China’s Yunnan province rescued a drowning baby.

While crossing the river stray from the herd of elephant started to take over. Mom rushed to his aid, and it was followed by his two aunts. They tried to help him out, however strong streams of water pulled him back into the river.

The elephant did not give up: creating «a rescue corridor», they gradually were able to push the cub to the shore.

Previously, scientists claimed that Asian elephants are peculiar to such feelings as stress and fear. In addition, the behavior and emotions of one individual are often transferred to others. So, experiences can cover the whole group of elephants. It is proved that among these animals, there are strong social ties. For example, if a group member is wounded, the other helping him to get up and leave, supporting both sides.