In Kaliningrad detained a suspect in the beating of a child with a shovel

© SK Receiptservlet assaulting a child in KaliningradIn Kaliningrad detained a suspect in the beating of a child with a shovel© SK of Russia

Homeless and detained previously convicted a man suspected of assault with a shovel for eight-year-old boy in Kaliningrad, said the representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Irina Wolf.

Eight-year-old boy with wounds in the head found on Thursday afternoon in garden Association «the Seagull» in Kaliningrad. The child was hospitalized, he could tell that the blows he struck an unidentified man with a shovel. Investigative management of SK of Russia in the region brought criminal case upon attempt at murder of the child.

«As a result of well-planned operatively-search actions in one of the garden societies, employees of criminal investigation detained a suspect in the attack on 8-year-old child. It was them earlier judged man without a certain residence of 1969 year of birth who lived in an abandoned building in the industrial zone,» said Wolf.

As she noted, previously it is established that the man is in the psychiatric records.

In the SU IC in the Kaliningrad region, RIA Novosti said that the man lived in the street of the Great circle in Kaliningrad, half a kilometer from the crime scene. The question on election to it measures of restraint in form of detention, and arraignment. Investigators are checking the possible involvement of the suspect in similar crimes.