In Macedonia held a referendum about renaming of the country

© AFP 2018 / Robert AtanasovskiПлакаты to the referendum in Macedonia about the name change of the country, which will pave the way for entry into NATO and the European Union in Skopje, Macedonia. 28 Sep 2018In Macedonia held a referendum about renaming of the country© 2018 AFP / Robert Atanasovski

In Macedonia began voting at the Advisory referendum on renaming the country, reported the State electoral Commission (GIK) of the Republic.

According to the GEEK vote can 1 806 336 people. The referendum will be held from 7.00 am (8.00 am GMT) and 19.00 (20.00 GMT). People will have to answer the question «do you Support joining the EU and NATO with the Treaty between the Republic of Macedonia and the Hellenic Republic?»

The first data are expected in the evening on Sunday, official preliminary results the electoral Commission is obliged to announce within 24 hours after the polls closed, and final 15-day period. Over the course of the plebiscite will follow about 12 thousand local and 500 foreign observers.

The referendum is Advisory in nature. However, according to the laws of Macedonia for its success you want to vote more than half of voters — approximately 903 thousand people.

Various case studies show that the probability of turnout from 40% to 60%.

The government of Greece on June 17 signed an agreement with the Republic of Macedonia. It will resolve lasted for more than 25 years the dispute around the name of the former Yugoslav Republic. Greece demanded to change it to avoid confusion due to the name of the Greek region of Macedonia. It is expected that the former Yugoslav Republic will be the Republic of North Macedonia.

The agreement between the two countries opens Skopje from joining NATO and the European Union, but has drawn criticism both in Greece and in Macedonia itself.

In Macedonia held a referendum about renaming of the country© Infographical two Macedonia: why we need a referendum