In Macedonia, stated the need to overcome the barrier of turnout in the referendum

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Vitvitskiy in fotobanka the polling station in the referendum on the intergovernmental agreement with Greece on the renaming of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to the Republic of North MacedoniaIn Macedonia, stated the need to overcome the barrier of turnout in the referendum© RIA Novosti / Alexei Vitvitskiy the image Bank

The requirement to overcome the barrier of turnout (qualifications) Advisory referendum on renaming of Macedonia by the Treaty with Greece for the sake of joining NATO and the EU should be respected for the success of the plebiscite, said RIA Novosti Chairman of the State election Commission Oliver Perkoski.

The government of Greece on June 17 signed an agreement with the Republic of Macedonia, which solves a longstanding dispute about the name of Skopje and opens the path to NATO and the EU, but criticized in Greece and in Macedonia itself. In the former Yugoslav Republic on Sunday held a referendum on its renaming to the Republic of Northern Macedonia, in the framework of the agreement.

Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov has repeatedly noted that the consultative referendum is important not overcome the requirement that a «sizeable majority». However, the head GEEK insists on strict observance of the electoral legislation.

«Law on referendum speaks very clearly and accurately, when in a referendum a decision when I come out to vote 903 169 thousands of voters from all registered voters and the decision is considered adopted when 50% plus one will vote For. If either of these two conditions, then there is no decision in the referendum and that he should be successful», — said the Agency Perkoski.

«The consultative status of the referendum does not change anything. The law is very clear on this issue», — said the Chairman of the electoral Commission and added that it «was not interested in political statements.»

According to GEEK, the exact number of citizens entitled to vote, — 1 806 336 people. The will be held from 7.00 am (8.00 am GMT) and 19.00 (20.00 GMT) on 3480 places to vote. The question for the referendum stated: «do you Support joining the EU and NATO with the Treaty between the Republic of Macedonia and the Hellenic Republic?»

The first data are expected in the evening on Sunday, official preliminary results the electoral Commission is obliged to announce within 24 hours after the polls closed, and final 15-day period. Over the course of the plebiscite the following is about 12 thousand local and 500 foreign observers.

In Macedonia, stated the need to overcome the barrier of turnout in the referendum© Infographical two Macedonia: why we need a referendum