Medvedev stressed the importance of engineering to the economy of Russia

© RIA Novosti / Vadim Garniturii in photobacteria K-9000 at the Kirov plantMedvedev stressed the importance of engineering to the economy of Russia© RIA Novosti / Vadim Garniturii the image Bank

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev congratulated workers and veterans of machine-building industry on their professional holiday, noting that engineering makes a huge contribution to the economy and security of the country, the corresponding telegram is published on the website of the Cabinet.

The thirtieth of September is celebrated the professional holiday — Day of machine Builder.

«You have devoted yourself to the industry, which makes a huge contribution to the Russian economy. Products of more than 2 thousand enterprises of machine-building complex are in demand everywhere — from rural fields to the space orbit. You design and produce the newest machines and engines, high-tech equipment for metallurgical plants. Fulfilling complex orders for the extractive industries, transport, aviation, medicine, municipal economy. Enterprise engineering — the basis of strengthening the defense capacity of the country and its security», — the telegram says.

Medvedev added that a huge, powerful and strategically important industry is primarily people, their skill, hard work and talent. He also stressed that the employees of the Russian mechanical engineering due to its achievements, which open new prospects in global markets.

The Prime Minister said that today the main tasks of the sector — modernization of enterprises and improvement of labour productivity, training of highly qualified specialists and introduction of innovations and scientific developments that meet the standards of the digital era.