The Latvian returned to IKEA for a glass the inscription «Made in Russia»

CC0 / NakNakNak / Riga. Archival photoThe Latvian returned to IKEA for a glass the inscription «Made in Russia»CC0 / NakNakNak /

Patriotic resident of Latvia decided to return to the store IKEA recently purchased the glass due to the fact that he found the inscription Made in Russia, writes Sputnik Latvia.

«Always in the shop, choosing a product, pay attention to, not whether he is in Russia. Glasses #ikea Made in Russia. Would bring them back unwashed», — wrote in his Twitter user Kristaps.

Vienmēr veikalā izvēloties preci pievēršu uzmanību, vai nav ražots 🇷🇺. #ikea glāzes Made in Russia. Nesīšu atpakaļ nemazgātas

— Kristaps 🇱🇻 (@atheist_from_lv) 26 Sep 2018

His post provoked a mixed reaction from other users of the social network. Some began to joke on the topic of other goods from Russia. «Heating and electricity is also off, 90% chance that comes from Russia. And fuel can not buy. All of the EN» — wrote in the comments Gints Weber. In response, Kristaps said that for the heating of suitable chips, and he moves on the bike.

Other users began to ask that he tries to change his act and how a glass can change the situation, to which the Latvian replied: «Attitude.»

However, some users sided Kristapsa, saying that bought the same glasses, but made in Bulgaria.

«You are not alone. My friend chose other glasses for this reason. All look to the country of origin, circumstances of production and other factors,» wrote Dace Kavasa.