The people that unite the world: translators will celebrate their professional holiday

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International translation Day, established about 30 years ago, and last year a recognized holiday in the UN, is celebrated on September 30. In anticipation of this day, the correspondent of RIA Novosti spoke about the difficult daily routine and some of the «translation difficulties» with the Hope the Queen is a professional translator who is a foreign Affairs specialist with extensive experience in the meetings of world leaders and editorial activities in the US media.

Queen — a professional translator-international law expert, certified by the American translators Association. In 1992, it also passed the exam on knowledge of the language in the relevant division, U.S. Department of State. Now she has her own business in Washington, and translations of documents recognized by the Russian Consulate in USA. Thanks to her, for example, you can realize the dream to enroll in an American University: one of her many profiles — the translation of Russian diplomas in English for evaluation. Even though her business card emblazoned modest «Nadia Queen», a few billion people on the planet fortunate enough to meet and work with so many outstanding world leaders like her.

For his twenty years of experience teaching foreign languages, for example, in one of the most highly quoted Russian universities — MGIMO, and more than forty years of experience as interpreter at international Affairs the Queen has accumulated a lot of funny stories, but share them with the General public not allows professional ethics. This work — process is in some degree sacred, she said, therefore, told RIA Novosti about this period of his activities too much.

«During my career as a translator of international Affairs I was fortunate to work with many American, British and Russian officials of the highest rank,» notes Queen.

For example, she is the English translation of the message to the citizens of Russia Vladimir Putin, cooperation with the then-current US President George Bush, bill Clinton and us Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, Mexican President Vicente Fox, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Prince Charles, Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and others.

In recognition of the Queen, the most lasting and vivid impressions of her work with Thatcher. But the details she did not disclose, limited only by the fact that «it was fine».

A rich experience of literary translation the Queen received, working with National Geographic. There she in many examples of scientific articles and essays, which were translated from English into Russian, they saw that this work involves the care, diligence and continual professional growth. Because even people who have translated many scientific articles, can do annoying and ridiculous mistakes. To catch the so-called «flies» just called the editor-translator.

And this, of course, is not about the incompetence of the author, who makes such mistakes quite often, the brain is difficult to switch from one language to another. There is, for example, the translation of the sayings coach potato (literally «couch potatoes» — ed.) to the «sofa vegetable.» In the edition of the Queen is already old Russian «couch potato». Or translator of a scientific article about the behavior of Fox wrote that «they use to communicate expression of the muzzle». Redacted material it was that «foxes communicate with each other using facial expressions».

In the unedited version of the article the journalist during the interview asked the question: «I Want to ask you about the sermon. You length no one complained?». After the completion of editing of the translator, the question is more specifically: «nobody complained that the sermon is too long?».

Sometimes the translator can «taraporewala» and give uncharacteristic definition of the object in the article, for example, cats. So it turns out that «socialization cat society undervalued» (in the final version — «the sociability of cats undervalued»). Many «cat people», perhaps, would agree with the author, «that cat is too loud to communicate with their owners», but still saw the light of another translation: «domestic cats actively use sounds to communicate with their masters».

The conclusion that in the translation every word is important, it can be done, in particular, for example, that «they (animals) are losing their natural habitat due to the furious (replaced with «rapid» — ed.), growth of the African population».

The translator’s work difficult, responsible and interesting. These are the people who build bridges and stop the war, fulfilling a difficult task to convey the thought of each interlocutor clearly and correctly. They help us to overcome the language barrier, which, according to the Bible, and divided humanity. International translation day, September 30 is the day when you can congratulate people that unite the world. The motto of the festival this year is: «the Promotion of cultural heritage in times of change».