The President of the unrecognized NKR congratulated Abkhazia on the victory Day and Independence

© Sputnik / Thomas Thirukural in fotobanka Abkhazia, in PitsundaThe President of the unrecognized NKR congratulated Abkhazia on the victory Day and Independence© Sputnik / Thomas Kizukanai the image Bank

The President of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Bako Sahakyan sent a congratulatory message, the head of Abkhazia Raul Khadjimba in connection with the note on September 30 Abkhazia on the victory Day and Independence, reported the press service of the NKR President.

The holiday marks the completion of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict in 1992.

«Dear Raul Khajimba! On behalf of the people, authorities of Artsakh (self-Karabakh — ed.) and myself personally I cordially congratulate You and the entire brotherly people of the Republic of Abkhazia on the Day of liberation and victory in the war!» — reads the congratulatory message posted on the website of the Karabakh leader.

According to Sahakyan, 2018 is the anniversary of Abkhazia. «25 years ago, the people of Abkhazia proclaimed the establishment of their independent and sovereign state. 10 years ago the independence of Abkhazia was recognized by the Russian Federation, marking the beginning of international recognition of the statehood of Abkhazia», — stated in the message.

NKR President said that over a quarter of a century the fraternal Abkhazia was difficult but heroic path. «The people of Abkhazia successfully cope with all tasks of state-building, has been steadily strengthening and developing their country. Once again I congratulate You, dear Raul Khajimba, and I wish You and all the people of Abkhazia peace, prosperity and prosperity!» — the message says.