Typhoon «Centres» will bring heavy rains to the Southern Kuriles

© REUTERS / ESA/NASA / A. GerstВид on Typhoon Centres with ISSTyphoon «Centres» will bring heavy rains to the Southern Kuriles© REUTERS / ESA/NASA / A. Gerst

Typhoon «Centres» touches on Monday to the Pacific coast of Southern Kuril Islands, said on Sunday RIA Novosti the duty forecaster of the Sakhalin division of Roshydromet.

«Typhoon «Centres», which comes from Japan, Northern periphery touches the Pacific coast of the Southern Kuriles. Its influence is now felt in the Kuril Islands, already there the rains began. But the most heavy precipitation is expected on Monday afternoon,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to her, the rainfall may reach 50 mm or more in 12 hours, and the wind gusts reached hurricane force — up to 30-35 m/sec.

«The Typhoon comes with a huge speed: morning atmospheric vortices will be South of Hokkaido, and in the evening will be in the area of the Northern Kuril Islands. Therefore, towards evening on the South Kuril Islands, the rain stopped and the wind calms down,» — said the forecaster.

In southern-Kuril and Kuril areas declared a storm warning. The emergencies Ministry has sent to the administration of municipalities and the corresponding structure of emergency warning and recommendations.

Typhoon «Centres» will bring heavy rains to the Southern Kuriles© Infographical worst natural disasters of the XXI century