Abe congratulated the Nobel prize in medicine, Honjo Tasuku

© AFP 2018 / Jiji Rheni scientist, Tasuku Honjo at a press conference after the award of the Nobel prize for medicine for 2018Abe congratulated the Nobel prize in medicine, Honjo Tasuku© AFP 2018 / Jiji Press

The Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe on the phone congratulated the winner of the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine for 2018, Tasuku Honjo receiving this high award and noted that his studies provide «hope to many cancer patients».

On Monday in Stockholm the Nobel Committee at Karolinska medical Institute said that the award in physiology or medicine for 2018 was awarded to Professor of USA James Ellison and his Japanese counterpart, Tasuku Honjo «for their development in the field of cancer therapy through inhibition of negative immune regulation». The discoveries made mostly in the 1990-ies, drugs, based on the research of the laureates began to appear the last few years.

Honjo opened, in particular, a protein on immune cells and its properties the brakes with a specific mechanism of action. Therapy based on the research of a scientist, is surprisingly effective in the fight against cancer, the report said the Nobel Committee. Research Ellison also referred to a protein that functions not only as a brake on the immune system, but as its a stimulant in the treatment of the tumor.

«I feel proud of being Japanese. The results of your research give hope to many cancer patients», — quotes Agency Kyodo words Abe during his phone conversation with Kodama.