Bitarov: a celebration of the 1100th anniversary of the baptism of Alanya will serve to bring together people

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Activesprite in photobackpack Bitarov. Archival photoBitarov: a celebration of the 1100th anniversary of the baptism of Alanya will serve to bring together people© RIA Novosti / Alexander Activesprite the image Bank

The authorities of North Ossetia plan an extensive programme of cultural events and restoration of cultural heritage in the framework of the celebration of the 1100th anniversary of the baptism of Alanya, which will take place in 2022, said the head of the Republic Vyacheslav Bitarov.

Bitarov took part in session of organizing Committee on preparation and holding the celebration, which has passed in Vladikavkaz under the chairmanship of Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets.

Among the planned events is the international competition of fine arts «Alania — images of the past», a theatrical festival of historical reconstruction «the Baptism of Alanya», international scientific conference, devoted to Christian history, Alanya, photo exhibition on «Shrines of Alania», a documentary film, publishing the book series «Alan is the library,» said Bitarov.

It is also envisaged the restoration of historical monuments — churches of Alania time and place of high religious and cultural significance of the XVIII — XX centuries, objects of cultural heritage with Christian symbolism.

«The memory of this historic anniversary should be preserved after the end of festive events to be known to as many people as possible in Russia and abroad. A good solution to this problem would be to issue by the Bank of Russia commemorative coin — «1100th anniversary of the baptism of Alania». Also I would like to see among the printed materials of «Mail of Russia» series of stamps, illustrated envelopes, postcards. Artists and historians Ossetia with pleasure will take part in the preparation of such products,» — said Bitarov, the words quoted by the press service of head and government RSO-Alania.

The head of the Republic emphasized that in the events associated with the celebration, a crucial element of the spiritual education of citizens, the unity of people of different nationalities.

«In North Ossetia is inhabited by 99 nationalities. I hope that all will unite around this event that will hold it in unison,» he said.