Embassy of Indonesia: natural disaster is not decreased demand Russians on tours

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The disaster, which occurred off the coast of the island of Sulawesi, has not led to the abandonment of tours and has not reduced the demand of Russian tourists to travel to Indonesia, told RIA Novosti in the office for tourism of the Embassy of Indonesia in Russia (Visit Indonesia Tourism Office).

On Friday morning off the coast of the island of Sulawesi earthquake of a magnitude of 6.1, near the city of Palu. Later in the same area was recorded another earthquake of 7.4 magnitude and number of aftershocks. Pala was hit by the tsunami with a height of two meters. According to the latest data, has killed more than 1.2 thousand people.

«The area in question, it is absolutely not a tourist, and the Russians there do not travel and tour operators do not offer tours there,» — said the representative of the national touropia.

According to the source, the distance from the earthquake epicenter to the island of Bali, most popular tourist destination, more than a thousand kilometers.

«Russians love to relax on the Islands of Bali, Lombok, Java, and am in Jakarta, but on Sulawesi, they are not. Therefore, the tourists in Indonesia, the disaster had no effect. Tour operators do not report that someone, after the earthquake decided to cancel the trip to Indonesia. Not say they and reduce demand for travel to this country», — commented on the situation in turophile.

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