In Khabarovsk court sentenced ISIS recruiter* to 3,5 years of a colony

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Polynicotinate in photobacteria goddess of justice (Themis) at the courthouse. Archival photoIn Khabarovsk court sentenced ISIS recruiter* to 3,5 years of a colony© RIA Novosti / Alexander Polynicotinate the image Bank

Far East district military court has sentenced a local resident to 3.5 years in prison for the recruitment of the Khabarovsk soldiers in the ranks of the terrorist organization ISIS*, according to the FSB Department for the Eastern military district.

The court found that the convicted person was a supporter of radical religious views, and on the phone maintained close relations with members of international terrorist organizations. In 2015, he had special theological training, after which he returned to Khabarovsk and began to persuade young men to participate in the activities of illegal armed groups, the report said. He also worked with the servicemen of the Khabarovsk garrison and one of them was prepared to be sent to Syria to joining ISIS*, according to the FSB.

Recruiter arrested in March 2018 in Moscow and was transferred to Khabarovsk to criminal prosecution. At the place of his residence were found and seized religious literature, including those included in the Federal list of extremist materials, and portable radio communications.

«The court found 23-Latino citizen of the Russian Federation G. A. Boboev guilty of committing two crimes under article «facilitating terrorist activity» and sentenced him to three years and six months of imprisonment with punishment serving in a colony of General regime», — stated in the message.

The convict fully admitted his guilt and sincerely repented, which was taken into account in sentencing.

Previously, for assisting terrorist activities of the far Eastern military court also sentenced the accomplice boboyeva, a citizen of Tajikistan, and sentenced him to 4.5 years in prison. Both sentence came into legal force.

* A terrorist organization banned in Russia.