In Perm Krai fired, saclauso child’s mouth

© Depositphotos / familylifestyleРебенок with a taped mouth. Archival photoIn Perm Krai fired, saclauso child’s mouth© Depositphotos / familylifestyle

The management of the kindergarten in Berezniki in Perm Krai fired when it became known that she had sealed with tape the mouth of the child, told RIA Novosti the regional Ministry of education.

Last week, the mother of one of pupils of a kindergarten in Berezniki in Perm region complained about the methods of education of the nurse — a woman sealed with tape the mouth of her son when couldn’t get him to calm down. About it told her the child after the parent started to find out why he doesn’t want to go to kindergarten.

«The Board of education of a city administration Berezniki reported that the nanny is already dismissed», — told the Agency in the Ministry of education.

According to authorities, the woman got a job in this kindergarten recently and at the time of the incident was on probation. Initially it established itself on the positive side, but after sealing the baby’s mouth with tape, she was fired.

In the regional Ministry of education also added that if necessary, the baby, suffered from actions of former nurse, is qualified psychologist, he was not afraid to visit the garden.

«The mother of the child claims to the kindergarten no, the conflict was resolved. Now the baby continues to learn,» — said the Agency.

Not the first time

Tape as a tool in the education of adults used for the first time. Similar cases have occurred in different cities of the country. In particular, in the middle of last school year from school No. 474 of the Vyborg district of St. Petersburg retired elementary school teacher who was taped to his disciples mouths with tape, so they did not talk during the lesson.

The same act in respect of the four children of the kindergarten in the village of Aikhal in Yakutia, in the judgment of the court was fined a former teacher.

Earlier in the same region opened a criminal case against a seller who taped 7-year-old’s mouth and hands with duct tape for stealing chocolate.

Uneducational behavior towards their pupils scored an elementary school teacher from Smolensk and the teacher in the Irkutsk region, which are the same as the nurse of a kindergarten in Perm Krai, sealed her mouth with tape one of the children.