Near Volgograd the man killed the driver over the loud music in the car

© Depositphotos / fridayПистолет. Archival photoNear Volgograd the man killed the driver over the loud music in the car© Depositphotos / friday

Police and Regardie have detained a man suspected of traumatic gun shot in the city of Volzhsky of the driver, including early in the morning loud music in his car.

According to GU MVD in the Volgograd region, early on Sunday morning a 32-year-old resident of the Volga fired his traumatic gun at the head of a man in his yard.

«From the received wounds the man died, the attacker from the scene of the crime fled in a car. He was arrested several hours later at the place of residence of relatives in Volgograd», — is spoken in the message of the police.

According to the Agency, to detain a suspect in the murder managed as a result of joint work of employees of criminal investigation Department and fighters of Regardie.

As explained in investigatory management SK the Russian Federation across the Volgograd region, the murder occurred after a conflict between the two men because of the loud music.

«According to investigators, around 5 a.m. the suspect woke up from the loud music coming from a parked car. At this point, the man heard his wife through the open window makes someone comment. Fired up, an attacker armed with a traumatic pistol loaded and went to the door,» — said in the release SUCK.

According to authorities, the man did not even try to solve the problem in a peaceful way, and immediately shot in the head by the offender who was also drunk. «His guilt in the crime, the man is already fully recognized, he wrote a confession. The criminal investigation continues,» — said a consequence.