On the Crimean bridge went first trucks

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In the night of Monday opened freight traffic on the Crimean bridge.

On the video, published by the portal «Kerch.Info», showed a convoy of at least several dozen trucks of different tonnage which follow on the Peninsula.

On the first of October removed the previously installed restrictions that were in place at the new section of highway A-290 on the Crimean bridge the period of high holiday season.

The movement of all types of transport for the transition is performed on the basis of rules regulating travel on Federal highways of General purpose. In the inspection points on the Kerch and Taman coast is the transport security.

A bridge to the Crimea from the Krasnodar region is the longest in Russia, its length is 19 kilometers. The beginning of the movement of vehicles on the bridge was originally planned for December 2018, but work was completed ahead of schedule.

Vladimir Putin may 15, opened the automobile part of the bridge across the Kerch Strait, the next day was opened to traffic. Trains on the railway part of the bridge is scheduled for December next year.