The court in Barnaul «justify» the cat accused of stealing electricity

CC0 / Schreib-Engel / cat. Archival photoThe court in Barnaul «justify» the cat accused of stealing electricityCC0 / Schreib-Engel /

The court in Barnaul «acquitted» the accused residents of one of the cat houses that he broke a seal with Energetica, resulted in a debt of 78 thousand rubles, said on Monday Barnaul Gorelektroset (bges).

The company explained that the city asked the court for recovery of the debt by the act of non-metered electricity consumption in a private house. In turn, the residents accused of meddling in the operation of the meter of a cat who, in their opinion, broke the seal with the metering device, when used to sneak up to the attic.

«Not wanting to pay for damages that allegedly brought a pet, subscribers bges tried to challenge the act. In the trial the owners of a private house explained that their cat often walks the attic, a hole which was situated dangerously close to the meter. The owners decided to free the road home pet and moved the meter to the next wall. However, in their opinion, they were too late. The cat has ripped the seal from the meter,» — said in the message.

In turn, revealed a violation of the electrician told the court that accidentally break the seal the meter is not possible — the wire is so strong that they themselves electricians for unsealing meters use pliers.

«The court considered the plaintiff’s arguments convincing. The cat was justified. The owners explained that according to the government decision no. 442 it is they who bear full responsibility for the metering device and the safety seal on it. To move the meter without the consent of representatives of energy company is prohibited by law. But because the act of non-metered consumption charged to subscribers reasonable», — reported in gorelektroseti.

In the end, the court ordered the home residents to pay in Barnaul Gorelektroset 78 thousand rubles debt and 2.5 thousand of the state duty for the trial. To challenge the court decision the owners of the cat did not, in September it entered into force, added the company.