The Penza region will increase subsidies for roads and improvement of villages

© Depositphotos / сап400Пенза. Archival photoThe Penza region will increase subsidies for roads and improvement of villages© Depositphotos / can400

The Governor of the Penza region Ivan Belozertsev charged in 2019 to direct the repair of rural roads and the improvement of human settlements in the region, more than 660 million rubles, said the regional government.

«The decision of the Governor in 2019 will be increased grants to municipalities. For these purposes in the regional budget will be laid 662 million rubles», — stated in the message.

According to the government, subsidies to municipal budgets will be allocated for co-financing of construction, reconstruction, major and current repair, and maintenance of local roads. In addition, the funds will go to bringing order to the courtyards of apartment houses and driveways.

The press service noted that the largest amount of 40 million rubles – will receive Bessonovskiy, Serdobsk, Nizhny Lomov districts and the city of Kuznetsk, on 30 million roubles will be allotted in Belinsky, gorodishchensky, Kamensky, Moksha, Nicholas and Penza areas, and the amount of subsidies other municipalities in the region varies from 15 million to 22 million rubles.

«High-quality living environment we need to create not only in large cities, the difference between living conditions in urban and rural areas should be reduced the most rapid pace. Good roads are not only the convenience of motorists, is the ability to quickly ambulance and fire, and the presence of sidewalks is pedestrian safety», – quotes the words Belozertseva his press service.