In DND accused Kiev in delaying the restoration of «Vodafon-Ukraine»

© Flickr / smithВышка cellular communication. Archival photoIn DND accused Kiev in delaying the restoration of «Vodafon-Ukraine»© Flickr / smith

Kiev is delaying the full restoration of the cellular operator «Vodafon-Ukraine» in the Donbass, said Tuesday the envoy of the self-proclaimed Donetsk national Republic in the contact group, acting head of the foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova.

In January, the DND announced that the disrupted mobile operator «Vodafone-Ukraine» because of cable damage on the Kiev-controlled territory near Yelenovka. The question of restoration of work of the mobile operator raised at the meetings of the contact group on the Donbas in Minsk. At the end of April, the connection has been restored. Power DND has repeatedly stated that for the smooth operation of «Vodafone-Ukraine» it is necessary to develop a «road map» of service of mobile networks of the Ukrainian mobile operator.

According to Nikanorovoj, still not recovered damaged in the area of Yelenovka line. Also not developed a mechanism for repayment of the company Vodafone for the electricity consumed.

«We regard this behavior of official Kiev as the intentional delay in restoring the full operation of the mobile operator Vodafone», – quotes the words of Nikanorovoj press service of the foreign Ministry DND.

Nikonorova also noted that Kyiv still has not presented its official position on the question of the resumption of payment of pensions to residents of Donbass through the International Committee of the red cross.

In DND accused Kiev in delaying the restoration of «Vodafon-Ukraine»The Minsk agreement