In Istanbul a woman died, did not receive medical care due to the lack of an oncologist

© Depositphotos / sudok1Коридор in the hospital. Archival photoIn Istanbul a woman died, did not receive medical care due to the lack of an oncologist© Depositphotos / sudok1

A disabled 92-year-old resident of the city of Kizel of Perm Krai, died in city hospital No. 4 to surgery to remove a large tumor that affected half of her face, told RIA Novosti the regional Ministry of health.

Last week the daughter of an elderly resident of the city of Vancouver appealed to the media, complaining that doctors do not undertake the treatment of her 92 year old mother because the elderly woman. The woman was suffering from polyps — benign tumors that affected half of her face, which she could not eat properly and suffered from discomfort.

The Ministry of health of Perm Krai, RIA Novosti explained that in may the patient was recommended to consult an oncologist at the regional Oncology center, this was the direction, but the patient for a consultation came. In the absence of a local oncologist for the old lady watched the doctors hospital in Kizel.

The story caused a wide public resonance, after which the elderly woman was transported for examination to a hospital in the city of Gubakha. It was found that surgical treatment of the patient is impossible because of the peculiarities of localization of tumors on the face and neck.

The disease was complicated by bleeding. The doctors decided to deliver the further testing to verify the diagnosis and determine further tactics of treatment in the medical institution of the third level of the Perm city clinical hospital № 4. Friday specialists hospital managed by means of endovascular methods of treatment to stop the bleeding.

«On Monday the patient died, the cause of which began as the General condition of the organism, and the progression of its diseases», — said the Agency in the Ministry of health.

Previously, the Agency reported that the whole process of treatment of older women was the subject of an official investigation.