In southern Thailand one person was killed in the floods, the media are writing

© AFP 2018 / Krit Phromsakla Na Sakolnakorn/Thai NewsСкорая help. Archival photoIn southern Thailand one person was killed in the floods, the media are writing© AFP 2018 / Krit Phromsakla Na Sakolnakorn/Thai News

One local resident were killed and another 85 people were injured in the result of flash floods in the southern Thai province of Surat Thani, said on Tuesday the online version of Nation newspaper.

Eighty-five people in three villages were left homeless when the village was suddenly flooded by rain water during the seven-hour downpour on Monday, the newspaper said.

One man, 55-year-old local resident who tried to escape from their flooded home, but was swept away by the current and died. The man’s body was later found 200 metres from his home, the report said. The rest of the villagers either had to leave their homes when the water has just started to arrive, and moved to a higher area, or waited out the main thrust of the flow on the roofs of their not fully-flooded homes, the newspaper said.

Seasonal floods occur regularly in Thailand and neighboring countries with tropical and subtropical climate in the rainy season, coinciding with the period from mid-June to the end of October. Towards the end of the season the rains tend to be stronger. In recent weeks, flash floods have been noted in many places in Thailand, including in tourist areas such as Pattaya and Phuket. However, in the context of urban development and availability of urban drainage systems, flash floods occurring due to prolonged and continuous, but local rainstorms can’t flood the streets of cities to a considerable depth, as the water comes down fast enough.