Kommersant learned about the plans to introduce the norm of energy consumption

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The government has decided to return to the idea of introduction of social norms of energy consumption, writes «Kommersant».

A social norm is a certain indicators of monthly consumption per person. The rate depends, does it fit in them.

In 2013, the government has already developed a similar reform. Then in the seven pilot regions have established social norm from 50 to 190 kilowatt-hours per month per person. However, in January 2014, it was postponed for two years.

A new variant of social norms will be softer than in 2013. It is fixed at around 300 kilowatt-hours per month and is payable at the basic rate. If you exceed this figure at a premium. And with a monthly consumption above 500 kilowatt-hours is introduced, the rate of «economically feasible», but the volume is fixed not on the man, and the «connection point», i.e. the household.

According to the newspaper, this reform was endorsed Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak.

Indexation of tariffs of housing and communal services

In late September the government also approved a phased indexation of utility tariffs in 2019. From January they will grow by 1.7%, from the first of July by 2.4%. This was announced by the Minister of economic development Maxim Oreshkin.

A two-stage indexation of tariffs for housing and communal services, on the proposal of the Ministry of economic development, the increase in service tax from the first of January with 18% to 20%.

According to him, the General level of indexation of tariffs in 2019 will not exceed 4%, said the head of the Ministry Maxim Oreshkin.

«We believe it is wrong to shift the VAT increase on to end consumers,» he said.

According to him, this approach is reflected in the forecast of socio-economic development in 2019.

Against the idea of indexation of tariffs was made by the Federal Antimonopoly service. The head of Department Igor Artemyev considers that indexation should be economically feasible for every company.

He recalled that some companies can be so the inflated prices, someone, on the contrary, underestimated.

«Here we are, in particular, those who have a rate 20 times more standard, we also want them to raise the rate?» — surprised the head of Antimonopoly Department.

Artemyev acknowledged that differentiated approach requires that the reference have been approved, that is, cost-based rates.

«But the situation is that standards in many areas have yet to be adopted», — he admitted.

Kommersant learned about the plans to introduce the norm of energy consumption© Integrationa version of the ranking of regions by share of expenditures on HCS