Less than half of young people ready to live on a pension, stated in the savings Bank

© RIA Novosti / Pavel to Listenpreise in fotobounce. Archival photoLess than half of young people ready to live on a pension, stated in the savings Bank© RIA Novosti / Pavel to Listenpreise the image Bank

Less than 45% of young people up to 35 years in the Russian Federation are willing to rely on the state pension, according to the savings Bank following the results of studying the profile of customers who have signed individual pension plans (IPP) for the last 10 years.

«In recent times there is the breaking of priorities: young people under the age of 35 years, less willing to rely solely on a state pension (less 45%) more often rely on personal savings (34%)», — stated in the message.

According to the Bank, the most active citizens in the matter of formation of future pension — these are people from 30 to 50 years, or 70%. The audience actively working citizens, copasa on a pension, divided approximately in half: 35.3% of clients aged 30-39 years and 36.4% of clients aged 40-49 years.

The most active clients are women — their share of 62.3% vs 37.6% of men. Women often start to save for retirement in the IPP at age 40-49 years (25%) and 30-39 years (21.8 percent). Among the male audience the most active clients in the age of 30-39 years (13.5 per cent).

The bulk of the population of Russia for the first time begins to think about the sources of income in old age at the age of 30-35 years. By this time, 83% of people in this age group thought that will live in old age.

Most often thought about what sources of income will have to live in the elderly, occur in the population of Central Russia. This approach to financial planning is most common among Muscovites — 92% of the capital earlier and more often other Russians ask this question. Less often about the sources of income in old age think the residents of the southern Federal district and the Far East.

The state Duma in July passed in the first reading a government bill suggesting a gradual increase in age of retirement to 65 years for men and 63 years for women.

However, President Vladimir Putin proposed a number of mitigation measures. In particular, the President called for the age of retirement for women at age 60, early retirement for mothers of large families and the introduction of measures for the protection of persons close to retirement age, including raising unemployment benefits and the introduction of liability for employers for dismissal before retirement.

Proposals to change the pension system issued in the form of amendments to the bill and was submitted by the President for consideration in the state Duma. The deputies adopted the bill in third reading.

Less than half of young people ready to live on a pension, stated in the savings Bank© Integrationalist retirement in different countries