Maduro announced the launch of a national cryptocurrency blockchain «Petro»

© AFP 2018 / Federico Reggaesize of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro during the ceremony the launch of cryptocurrency Petro. Archival photoMaduro announced the launch of a national cryptocurrency blockchain «Petro»© 2018 AFP / Federico Parra

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that the country is launching national cryptocurrency blockchain «Petro».

«Today (Monday) begins a new stage, we run a national Venezuelan blockchain, which will have its headquarters in Venezuela and to develop national professionals and academics, is based the whole plan of development «Petro» for 10 years,» said Maduro on state television.

According to him, Monday runs all the mechanisms that any Venezuelan can register and participate in the program, «Petro», bought it for convertible currency. «As of 5 November «Petro» will be sold for the sovereign Bolivar,» said Maduro.

He said that Monday was marked by attacks from the United States, France and Colombia on the website of «Petro» in order to prevent the beginning of its turn.

Maduro also personally demonstrated on your phone an electronic wallet, connected to «Peter», calling on everyone to register in this system. According to him, the six major international houses involved in the cryptocurrency, will promote «Petro».

Maduro live also signed new rules for the turnover of the Venezuelan «Petro» with the formula of its balance and exchange.

«Petro» was released into circulation on the 20th of February, is the first cryptocurrency provided by oil. Thus, Venezuela became the first country with its own cryptocurrency, which is supported by the oil reserves. Earlier, Maduro had identified the cost of one «Peter» in the price of a barrel of Venezuelan oil, or $ 60 (3.6 thousand new sovereign bolivars).