Seoul has discussed the situation with the vessel «Sevastopol» with the United States and Russia, write media

© Photo : the Shipping company «Hudson»multi-purpose cargo ship, the Sevastopol. Archive photoSeoul has discussed the situation with the vessel «Sevastopol» with the United States and Russia, write media© Photo : the Shipping company «Hudson»

South Korea had contacts with the US and Russia to free the Russian ship «Sevastopol», violations of UN security Council sanctions against the DPRK are not revealed, has informed on Tuesday news Agency Yonhap is named after a senior official of South Korean Ministry of foreign Affairs.

«The government on this occasion led close negotiations with the United States and Russia taking into account the need for careful observance of sanctions against the North, cooperation between the Republic of Korea and the United States and South Korean-Russian relations», — quotes Agency the words of the diplomat.

However, he confirmed that the South Korean government as of 28 held Sevastopol for investigation in connection with the sanctions against the DPRK, but all procedures were completed on 2 October and a ban on leaving the port the vessel cleared.

Now the ship is in the port of Busan.

«As a result of our investigation did not find confirmation of violations of UN security Council resolutions, however, the ship was in the list of unilateral US sanctions, and we pay special attention to their violations do not occur,» said the official.

As previously reported, the United States made the list of sanctions on North Korea two Russian companies and six vessels, including the «Shipping company the Hudson» and its ship «Sevastopol». The U.S. Treasury argues that included in the list of the court allegedly participated in the supply to the DPRK of refined petroleum products, which allegedly siphoned from Russian to North Korean vessels at sea.

The Ambassador of South Korea Geun-young was summoned to the foreign Ministry, he made a representation in connection with the illegal detention of Russian ship «Sevastopol» in the port city of Busan. The foreign Ministry stressed that the Russian side has demanded immediate lifting of the ban of the Maritime authorities of Kazakhstan to release the vessel from the port.