The mayor of Vladivostok could retire on emotions, according to political analysts

© RIA Novosti / Anton to Baluchiterium in photobacteria, Verkeenko. Archival photoThe mayor of Vladivostok could retire on emotions, according to political analysts© RIA Novosti / Anton to Baluchiterium the image Bank

The mayor of Vladivostok Vitaly Verkeenko could take the decision to resign on the emotions, because it is not linked to its success, at the same time, probably, he decided, more of a businessman than a politician, according to respondents RIA Novosti the scientists.

In early November, 2017 suspended and under investigation former mayor Igor Pushkarev wrote a letter of resignation, December 21 the state Duma deputies unanimously elected a General Director of OOO «Tekhnokholding Sumotori», Verkeenko mayor of Vladivostok.

On Tuesday, Verkeenko wrote in Facebook, he is leaving on October 11 at his own request. He noted that «there are forces to fight for the welfare of the city, but has no motivation.» The Duma of Vladivostok on October 11 we will consider his statement of resignation. The new mayor will be selected by a competitive procedure.

Emotional decision

«This decision is totally incomprehensible: people have worked in this position for less than a year, has shown himself as a good leader, has taken successful steps. Now this decision is politically to his advantage: preparing for winter in Vladivostok and the region is still unstable political situation after the election of Governor, moreover, to come to the region (acting Governor Oleg) Kozhemyako, who needs to rely on local talent,» said RIA Novosti political analyst and Director of consulting center «Expert Group» Pavel Nalivaiko.

According to him, the decision to resign is not correlated with the statements that, Verkeenko did recently in various interviews.

«It’s like the emotional impact, of the reasons it’s hard to say, but whatever they were, the person in this post should not be guided by emotions» — says the analyst.

Nalivaiko noted that does not link the resignation of the mayor with the arrival in Primorye Kozhemyako.

«Kozhemyako just a little over a week managed to work, and his personnel decisions do not say that he decided his team here put: just three of the Vice-Governor resigned, all the rest – the same, and the local elites, who have long worked here. And Verkeenko — not a bad head to Kozhemyako said goodbye to him. In addition, the new acting Governor of the other issues right now, not one of them, the political situation in the city,» — said Nalyvaichenko.

He noted that now is probably the acting mayor will appoint Alexey Litvinov, who also participated in the competition for the post of mayor in 2017 and supported, Verkeenko, and now, according to the analyst, is ready to lead the city. Also Nalivaiko did not rule out the emergence of other contenders for mayor.

A businessman, not a politician

The analyst Sergiy Grebenyuk revealed the probable reasons for the resignation, Verkeenko.

«In my opinion, either he ran out of «honeymoon» as a politician, or he realized that he was not a politician but a businessman. In the municipality of possible criticism, and your every endeavor can be a lot of explanations why to do. If you’re a CEO, you’re the king and God, and in the municipality there are limitations: the opinion of the Council, laws and so forth,» — said Grebenyuk.

According to him, now starts the process of finding a successor. «The bench is practically nonexistent and the candidate needs to be a compromise – to organize and head region, and the deputies», — he added.